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Foundation Repair: Why You Need to Get it Right

Foundation Repair is something most people would not even think about. After all, a simple patch or crack in your roof or flooring is easy to take care of with a little elbow grease. But foundation problems aren’t always easy to spot. For many homeowners, their roof may well be buckled, but they can’t see them. This explains why foundation repair professionals exist.

Foundations require periodic inspections and maintenance because of the stress they place on homes and their occupants. With so much of your home resting on a foundation, regular foundation repairs can go a long way toward preventing further damage that, in turn, costs more money. From cracks to seepages and moisture buildup, your home foundation is subject to constant wear and tear.

Foundation repair professionals are trained and equipped to perform many different types of repairs, from concrete pier foundation repair to wooden piers and shingles repairs. In fact, many of them provide services that involve the entire building. These include exterior concrete pier repairs, such as cracked and crumbling asphalt piers and cracked sidewalks and walkways. They also help with the replacement of deteriorated wood pier posts. Concrete piers, meanwhile, can be repaired by concrete piers installation and removal or by wood replacement.

Foundations are necessary to support buildings because they channel heat away from interior foundation beams and floor joists, insulating them and reducing the amount of internal heat accumulating in the attic. The interior foundation beams are also installed to stabilize the exterior concrete slab. External frames like columns, trusses, and railings are installed to support the interior slab, and to ensure its strength. All of these actions work together to support your buildings and make them more energy efficient, as well as to make them more resistant to damage from both the sun and rain.

Unfortunately, foundations experience a variety of conditions that can lead to cracks, such as expansion and contraction due to external conditions like cold or hot weather, or soil movement. The expansion and contraction can be caused by outside forces like wind, ice, and rain, and can even occur due to stress caused by construction activities, such as expansion and contraction caused by weight movements. The resulting cracks are what we call foundation problems, and they pose significant problems for your buildings structure integrity. This is why it is so important to repair all cracks that appear in your foundation as soon as you can, before greater damage occurs.

Before any foundation repairs can take place, it’s necessary to identify the cause of the problem. For example, if you have cracked exterior concrete walls, it could be due to stress cracking caused by expansion and contraction. Or, if you have cracks running throughout your foundation walls, it could be due to soil shifting and settling. In addition, if your basement foundation has sunk unevenly, it could be due to groundwater pressure or grading. When you have found the cause of your foundation problems, you can begin the process of repairing your foundation. However, before your repairs can begin, it’s necessary to repair all cracks that you find.

If your repairs cannot ensure your home’s structural integrity for years to come, it will ultimately result in you having to replace your home. Foundation deterioration causes a considerable amount of structural damage, which significantly decreases the home’s home value. When you find an issue with your home’s foundation, contacting a home foundation specialist is the best way to ensure your home has excellent structural integrity for years to come. Foundation specialists can also evaluate your home and suggest solutions that can keep your home looking great, even after you’ve had the repairs completed. Without them, your home value would likely decline, costing you money that you do not need to spend.

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A majority of repairs require your foundation to be dug up. This will enable the specialist to see just how extensive the damage actually is, which allows them to make the most informed decision regarding the repair of your foundations. Once your foundations have been dug up, your foundation repair experts can then make the necessary recommendations to fix the damage. This includes repairing cracks, repairing weakened portions of the foundation, and replacing any polyurethane foam that has been affected by water leakage or structural cracking. Regardless of the type of repair suggested, hiring a qualified home foundation repair company will ensure that your foundations will remain in great shape for many years to come.