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A Look at Some Common Signs of Foundation Trouble

How to address any home foundation problems? Among the simplest telltale signs that a homeowner may be concerned about foundation, issues are visible cracks, particularly on the outside and inside walls of his or her home, and large cracks in the foundation. Cracks inside the walls and outside can also indicate significant concern for homeowners, especially if they see large cracks that run the length of a wall. However, wall cracks on the outside may not always indicate foundation concerns, especially if the cracks occur on an exterior wall only. A homeowner should never attempt to perform any type of foundation repair without first determining whether the crack is in fact a foundation problem, and what, specifically, is causing the problem.

Many types of foundation repair are possible, including; trenching, filling in the bottom, covering with concrete, and topping with fascia or block. Generally, foundation repairs are performed by a contractor when the damage is not severe and cannot be fixed with do-it-yourself projects. The majority of foundation repair problems are caused by weathering and surface drainage. If your walls have cracks, they may be because you have had too much rainfall or too much moisture. This can compromise the surrounding structures and eventually cause damage.

Other types of house foundation repair can include; beam foundations, which involve digging a hole through the soil beneath the house, installing beams, and then connecting the beams together with piers. The hole is then filled with dirt, and the supporting pier is installed. Beveled ceilings, known as “dormers,” are a form of beam foundations.

Roofline foundation piers are used on flat roofs and sloped roofs. The contractor will determine what foundation piers are necessary for your particular structure. For residential structures, an average of four foundation piers is needed. For commercial buildings, an average of six to ten piers is required. It is important to hire a professional foundation repair contractor so that the foundation piers are made of materials that are rust-proof and are durable. Professional contractors also use metal pieces on foundation piers that are galvanized.

Sisson flashings are repairs that are made in preparation for a foundation repair or remodel. Foundation repairs typically include the replacement of flashing along the wall and around windows, doors, and porches. Foundation repairs that are carried out by a licensed contractor can include repairs to Sisson guesses and sump basins. The sump basin is a hole that collects water and forms a pool at the base of a home or building. Professional contractors also make repairs to sump pits, flues, and septic pipes.

Cracks may appear anywhere in your house, inside and outside the walls. They can be caused by a variety of reasons including weathering, age, or heavy usage. The average foundation repair cost for a house foundation repair will include repair of visible cracks or holes. Foundation cracks should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Contractors will use sealants, sand, or a mixture of cement and sand to fill the cracks or holes.


Pipes and vent pipes may crack during the course of a foundation repair project. Common signs that need to be repaired include loose hinges on door jambs or skylights, damaged or missing chimneys, plumbing condensation between the floor joists, and loose interior or exterior foundation supports. Some of these signs may not necessarily mean that structural damage has occurred. There are many other less noticeable foundation problems that can lead to foundation repair costs that are higher than the average price.

Moisture can also cause cracks in walls and other parts of a building. Water may enter through tiny gaps or crevices in the drywall. Signs of moisture build-up can include mildew, mold, and roof leaks. If you notice any of these more common signs of foundation problems, it is important to have your home inspected by a professional contractor as soon as possible for any potential damage or cost.